BREAKING NEWS: Nation’s senior diplomat talks sense, inspires, is not babbling nonsense

Hilary-Inspires.gif On Wednesday night, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged in a commencement address to NYU graduates to help “improve the world” AS INDIVIDUALS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING about hunger and extreme poverty.

[T]hese challenges … can no longer be seen just as government-to-government. There is a time and an opportunity, and with the new technologies available, for us to be citizen diplomats, citizen activists, to solve problems one by one that will give in to hard work, patience, and persistence, and will then aggregate to the solutions we seek.

Stunned aid watchers could not remember any previous occasion where a senior rich country diplomat talked about individual initiative as one possible solution to world poverty, or for that matter any previous occasion where any such official went beyond noncommittal platitudes about international action to achieve Millennium Development Goals.

Rumors are spreading throughout the old guard aid obstructionists at USAID that this remarkable woman might actually be their boss.