Links to other blogs to make you taller, happier, smarter

Secret to development is to be taller! taller makes you happier, richer, smarter – thanks a lot from us short people, tall Anne Case and Angus Deaton! False pessimism exposé: American children still doing better than their parents (Café Hayek) are they taller?

FT first newspaper to figure out that other countries’ banking crisis experience might be relevant (Brazil) and that it might help to consult experts on such experience (Ross Levine, Brown University)

Economists' own record on addressing current crisis is good (Economist’s View)

Chris Blattman reviews new book on corruption crusader John Githongo by Michela Wrong (the Empress of serious journalistic writing on Africa – read her previous two books on Eritrea and Zaire also!)

Thank goodness Wronging Rights is back, after some wedding thing. Who else can you count on to cover war criminal Charles Taylor’s conversion to Judaism?

Will Wilkinson is rare non-hysterical voice on whether Mexican immigrants are altering our culture (on development-relevant values)

Darfurian asks “Are we part of Sudan”? (Alex de Waal)

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no evidence that better health causes development (David Weil, Brown University)

Economists have hearts! Greg Mankiw celebrates his spouse on their 25th anniversary

(with 5 dozen cyber-roses also to my own amazingly wonderful spouse)