Shameless aid behavior awards of the month

3. Bono sings “Every generation gets a chance to change the world.” Another inspirational call to arms to fight African poverty? No, Bono is commercially exploiting his “save Africa” image to shill for Blackberry, who are sponsoring the latest U2 tour." 2. “Children trust adults to keep their promises.” A parental advice web site?

No, World Vision UK is manipulating our feelings about children to campaign for increased aid.

Children rely on G8 promises. Children are speaking out for change – and the G8 must listen.

As if that were not enough, World Vision UK calls for more: some children should attend G8 meetings, to be trotted out for G8 photo-ops:

Shouldn’t their voices be heard at the top table? When will we see a G8 that rolls out the red carpet to listen to someone young and who is not in a suit? After all, it is always much harder as an adult to tell a child that a promise made is not being kept.

1. The Save Darfur thong (from the great blog “Wronging Rights”)