Guess the source of this British aid document on Country Ownership

However able their government...many countries cannot finance out of their own resources the research and survey work, the schemes of major capital enterprise… which are necessary for their development.

Assistance from United Kingdom funds should be related to what countries can do for themselves…There is a need for machinery to provide complete coordination between the efforts of these separate departmental staffs so as to ensure that development proceeds on a balanced and comprehensive plan…With the requisite financial assistance once assured…Governments {would} prepare development programmes for a period of years ahead.

The whole effort will be one of collaboration...There must be ready recognition that conditions vary greatly from country to country, and that country governments, who best know the needs of their own countries, should enjoy a wide latitude in the initiation and execution of policies.

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Here's a hint: I have omitted words as shown by ellipses but not changed any except one – I used the word “country” where the original document used the word “Colony”.

This document is The Statement of Policy on Colonial Development and Welfare, presented by the Secretary of State for the Colonies to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, February 1940.

Coat of arms of the British South Africa Company, circa 1940. Taken from halfpenny stamp, Southern Rhodesia 1940.