Links to Make You Think

If a group of lions is a “pride,” a group of development professionals is a ________. More and more mzungus (whites) fall truly, madly, deeply in love with Africa. (via Scarlett Lion)

Book-burner to be new head of UN education and culture efforts (UNESCO)? We wonder if the UNESCO Sex Ed book that Chris Blattman satirized might be the first to go on the bonfire under new management.

None of the 48 Slavic women in the US Open made the semifinals. Do we need an even more complicated story that Slavic countries currently have comparative advantage in female tennis except they never win any majors?

"This power to help is just about as dangerous as hard power." - Kenyan Writer Binyavanga Wainaina on the Ethics of Aid, on America Public Media's program Speaking of Faith (via Texas in Africa)

Freakanomics probably doesn't need us to promote them, but they have a nice post on African entrepreneurs (thanks for the tip to Indego Africa's great Social Enterprising blog).