Satire Wars! Owen Barder on "The universal cynics’ answer to why your aid project won’t work"

Happy 2010, Aid Watchers! New viewers on Jan 4: See Update 2 below. Since you don't really expect me to work on a holiday (do you?!), I will just start off the New Year with a link to Owen Barder's hilarious spoof. Are we in a satirical face-off?

Update 1: Yes we are! Aid Thoughts has responded to Owen's Universal Cynic with a very funny counter spoof on the Universal Project Advocate.

This update motivates me to correct the inexplicable omission of a link to my original satire "How to write about poor people," which may have motivated Owen's counter blast, which in turn motivate Aid Thoughts' counter-counter-blast. Plus for good measure, Aid Watch readers' additional 15 pointers (through my editorial filter) on writing on poor people.

Any other related blogs that want to launch their own missiles of maximum sarcasm? Yes, I mean you Chris Blattman! And of course, we have got to hear from you, Wronging Rights, you're a natural at this.

New Update 2 (Jan 4): Wronging Rights came through, they are as hilarious as I expected! And it's their blogiversary, so please go there. Blattman blew me off with some flimsy excuse that he's giving two presentations at the All-Galactic Social Science Association, currently meeting.

It doesn't get any better than this, aid watchers. Somehow satire brings deeper insights than yet another aid and growth regression.