The tragic fall of the WASPs

Robert Frank in The Wall Street Journal on the decline of the WASP establishment (nobody left on the Supreme Court!)  The picture shows a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution in New York. Heart-rending episodes:

In old-money enclaves like Palm Beach, Fla., Nantucket, Mass., and Greenwich, Conn., WASPs are being priced out of their waterfront estates and displaced on their nonprofit boards by Jewish, Catholic and other non-Protestant entrepreneurs.

Elites are not forever! Interesting insight in a book published at the height of power of the WASPs in 1964:

In "The Protestant Establishment," Mr. Baltzell pointed to the prejudice and insularity of the elite as the eventual causes of its decline. "A crisis has developed in modern America largely because of the White-Anglo-Saxon Protestant establishment's unwillingness, or inability, to share and improve its upper-class traditions by continuously absorbing talented and distinguished members of minority groups into its privileged ranks."