Aid Watch addresses an unexpected embarrassing problem

We’ve noticed a strange phenomenon on Aid Watch: our April 10, 2010 post Famine Africa stereotype porn shows no letup has also shown the least letup of any of our posts, showing up with traffic day after day. It is now the fourth most popular post of all time on Aid Watch. I was rather slow to figure out what was going on, which just shows what being raised as a Methodist in squeaky-clean rural Ohio can do to you. The rest of you have already figured this out. “Africa porn” (and variations) is a very popular search term on Google, for reasons apparently not related to the finer points of dignity and empowerment of malnourished people. Those searching this term frequently get our post, as our crack research team verified (we were the fourth site listed on said search, sites 1 through 3 reportedly cannot be described in a family blog). Our stat team found 721 searches like this over the past month that wound up at our site.

I am really not sure what point to make based on all this. Choose any of the following:

  1. We have a big opportunity here to educate perverts about economic development.
  2. Africa has more potential than previously realized in the adult entertainment industry.
  3. Metaphor attempt: “just like entrepreneurs trying innovations, we never know whether or why a blog post is going to succeed.”