NGO Transparency: Counterpart International to release budget

Editor’s note: Aid Watch received the following statement from Counterpart International in response to a request for comment on Till Bruckner’s post The accidental NGO and USAID transparency test. We have checked our records regarding Mr. Bruckner's FOIA request to USAID for information about our Georgia program budget. Our server logs indicate that USAID's attempt in June to contact us about this FOIA request was unsuccessful because the message was sent to two former Counterpart employees, whose e-mail addresses were no longer active.  As a result, the Counterpart document that Mr. Bruckner received was redacted by USAID without Counterpart's input or knowledge.

With respect to Mr. Bruckner's specific FOIA request, we asked for and have now received from USAID a copy of its letter asking for our comments and recommended redactions. We have now responded, asking that only our NICRA rate - which is proprietary and competitive information - be redacted.  USAID has informed us that they will provide Mr. Bruckner with a revised copy of the budget reflecting this change.


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