The Juan Williams Logic Test Edition

UPDATE: some of my dear satirically-challenged readers did not quite pick up on the ironic tone of this post, so I have made a few changes. Others seemed to be missing the point that I am mocking fallacious logical arguments, so let me just clarify that I am mocking fallacious logical arguments.

UPDATE 2: some of you have helpfully explained that Juan Williams was just talking about feelings. OK. Just wondering whether we should deny equal rights to an ethnic group based on feelings?

Multiple choice test!

1. Juan Williams' emotions seemed to say: "most terrorists are Muslim, therefore I deduce that most Muslims are terrorists." This is: (a) an elementary logical error, (b) a valid reason not to take a flight with people wearing "Muslim garb," (c) implies if Juan is afraid of the risks of a terrorist attack, he should never have braved the dangerous drive to the airport.

2. Some nut somewhere is a fan of the economist Friedrich Hayek. Therefore it follows that : (a) since I like Hayek, I am a nut, (b) you can logically prove that Hayek  is a talk show host (c) Hayek's ideas make possible a free society in which nuts say nutty things, but you can ignore them.

3.  The Nazis liked Wagner. James Levine recently conducted  Wagner's Das Rheingold at the Met. Therefore (a) James Levine is a Nazi, (b) Wagner is a Nazi, (c) the overture to Lohengrin is one of the most beautiful pieces of music of all time.