A rare glimpse at censorship in action in real time on the Net

I was really pleased recently to get a link to a blog, which from the link description strongly agreed with me on my controversial Lennon vs. Bono piece in the Washington Post, also featured on Aid Watch. I mean really pleased -- my roster of supporters just doubled! I dropped the neighbor’s baby that I was holding and rushed over to my computer to click on the link, waiting with growing excitement as the link slowly loaded, to give me...to give me...finally...and...finally...and...again...finally......

Well, at least, I got an unintended rare glimpse of the world of blog censorship LIVE and in REAL TIME, self-imposed and otherwise. As the to-remain-anonymous anonymous witness-protection-protectee told me in an anonymously wistful anonymous email:

“He's too strong.  He's just too strong.”