Third World America

UPDATE 11:20AM: accused of Detroit "poverty porn", see response below. As you may have noticed, this blog sees America itself as an interesting development laboratory. Others seem to agree, as a new report applies the Human Development Index to the US.

The site has a cool mapping function. Here is a map of health that locates Third World America in the Deep South and its borderlands.

The South as Third World holds up controlling for race and gender, as the same area shows the highest concentration of white females with less than high school education.

Of course, in metro areas we have an inner city Third World hiding in plain sight.  Here is Detroit for example, right next to "First World" Pontiac:

Commenters accuse Aid Watch of some kind of "poverty porn" on Detroit.

OK, I already apologized for my catastrophic bonehead mistake of carelessly applying the label "downtown" to the negative picture (now removed).

As further recompense, here is a nice happy positive picture of the real "downtown Detroit." Unfortunately, I have to stick by the original characterization of much of Detroit as belonging to the "Third World" part of America, based on all the evidence on unemployment, poverty, etc. that I have examined in detail. It's going to take more than a few happy pictures to fix that.

Have fun on your own exploring Third World America on this great site.