The Reciprocity Principle

Nick Kristof generously quoted a statement from an earlier blog post:

I don’t support autocracy in your society if I don’t want it in my society.

This could also apply to some other common themes of this post:

I won't invade your country unless I want you to invade mine.

I won't use exploitative photos of you for fund-raising unless I want you to use exploitative photos of me for fund-raising.

I won't support my aid agencies forcing you to do something unless I want your aid agencies to force me to do something.

I won't listen to my celebrities' opinions on your affairs unless I want you to listen to your celebrities' opinions on my affairs.

I'm sure the readers can think of other examples of the reciprocity principle, as well as some reasons why it does not ALWAYS apply.

This principle may not be a completely original contribution of the current author.

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