The DRI Conference by the Numbers

Number of people who attended DRI's conference on Thursday: 726Number of people who registered: 1469 Number of sandwiches eaten: 675 Gallons of coffee consumed: 44 Cups of Good African coffee from Uganda enjoyed on stage by Bill Easterly: 1

Percentage of registered students from NYU: 50 Percentage of registered students from Columbia: 20 Number of other universities represented in the remaining 30 percent: 57

Number of tweets made under #DRIdebates: 500 How much we like this curated/crowdsourced summary of the conference, created by top tweeter @viewfromthecave: a lot

Number of Millennium Village representatives invited to speak at the conference: 8 Number of Millennium Village representatives on the stage: 0

Number of attendees who brought their own dog-eared copy of Poor Economics for Abhijit Banerjee to sign: 30 Number of people who had Poor Economics counter-signed by development experiment critic Angus Deaton: 1

Number of countries of origin for our 8 speakers: 6 (that's Ghana, India, Kenya, UK, USA, Uganda)

Percentage of people in our survey who said the conference changed the way they saw aid and development: 70

This post has been updated to reflect final survey figures