Rulers of the Twitterverse

Foreign Policy has just released its annual Twitterati 100. Here are the economists (gee I wonder why I got a small bump in followers yesterday?)

Other Twit 100 development favorites you should be following if you are not already: @charlesjkenny, @m_clem (Michael Clemens), @viewfromthecave, @africaisacountry, @AndrewMwenda, @lpolgreen, @BinyavangaV

Some personal favorites omitted: @cblatts, @wrongingrights,@alanna_shaikh (the latter two would have helped with complaints of underrepresentation of #FPWomeratti)

But aside from everything else, let us all express profound gratitude to @FP_Magazine for the omission of @NYTimesFriedman .

UPDATE 3:30pm EDT: Speaking as a well-known feminist, happy to see this Democratic Revolt of the #FPWomeratti : an online collaboration to nominate women left out of the heavily male Twit 100.

I am particularly glad to see recognition for {if you are a female friend, insert your name here}.

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How I Would Not Lead the World Bank

Bill Easterly writes for Foreign Policy

I am gratified by the widespread support that my non-nomination for World Bank president has received. My quest to help end poverty has led me to the ends of the Earth. My accomplishments speak for themselves, having successfully offended every official or interest group in any way connected to the World Bank, even the head of maintenance.

I would not lead the World Bank by assembling an expert task force of my fellow social scientists, natural scientists, and random unemployed politicians. I would not ask such a well-qualified expert task force to answer the question "What must we do to end world poverty?" -- especially if we forget to answer the question "Who put us in charge?"

I would not lead the World Bank to ever use the words "civil society." I would not emulate my deservedly respected non-predecessor as World Bank president by giving a speech on the Arab Spring without using the word "democracy," even in a purely descriptive sense. I could not possibly attain a remarkable record of five years of speeches without ever using the word d_m_cr_cy at all.

Read the full article here.

[For someone who does want to lead the World Bank, click here.]

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