Stories from Blogs We Like

Maybe Also Fight Deadly Diseases that Don't Make Headlines: “Neglected Tropical Diseases are devastating, debilitating and deadly parasitic and bacterial infections that adversely affect the poorest 1.4 billion people worldwide living on $1.25 a day.” From the Global Health blog at High Tech Sunshine on Violence: Extending the idea to other African conflicts of using cell phones and a web site that was already used to “map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008.” Could we try this with monitoring big aid projects? From the Freakonomics blog.

The Lysistrata Approach: Kenyan women deny their husbands sex until they resolve nation’s political standoff. From Chris Blattman’s blog. Would this work in Zimbabwe?

Dani Rodrik Asks: Why do poor nations continue to be enthralled with capitalism? His answer: “I am afraid one cannot rule out the possibility that poor nations are yet again falling behind the curve.”

My answer: “The previous times we scrapped capitalism because of a short time crisis didn’t work out too well.”

Where's Waldo? Find the missing USAID Head! From Views from the Center at the Center for Global Development.

Unlike Congress, Mexican Government is Competent: Actually had a decent response to Swine Flu. From Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution.

Growing Movement in UK and US to make Public Data, well, Public: I don’t think USAID has heard about this yet. From World Bank’s PSD blog.

Freedom is a Work in Progress: US Supreme Court now hearing the case of a 13 year old girl strip-searched by school officials without notifying her parents. School’s assistant principal was looking for illegal drugs LIKE ADVIL. “Savanna, who was an honors student with no disciplinary record, was found not to have any dangerous over-the-counter painkillers in her underwear.” From Wronging Rights.