Links to make you Think

1. Is Nobody Safe? Foreign Policy article questions sainthood for Mohammed Yunus and Hernando de Soto. 2. Nobody is trying too hard to promote circumcision for heterosexual AIDS prevention in Africa, but we'll do universal circumcision in the US, which doesn't have much heterosexual AIDS

3. Right-wingers for foreign aid

4. Radical priest harshly criticizes patronizing American volunteers in Mexico -- in 1969.

5. Trying to find Chris Blattman a mattress in New York as good as the $10 foam model he bought in Uganda

6. Lord Skidelsky says nasty things about Transdniestria (via Mark Thoma at Economist's View).

I am much more sympathetic to it after the national newspaper headlined my co-authored path-breaking research on "squiggliness" as the basis for Transdniestrian independence.

1,3, and 4 suggested by Adam Graham-Silverman.