Peter Singer and I on Tough Love for Our NGOs at NYT (the 6 minute video excerpt)

I am so grateful and humbled that my message on the accountability of aid has finally reached this extremely high profile -- wait, I just realized, there is NO audience, it's the holidays. For those of you who didn't have enough heavily spiked eggnog to listen to the whole 46 minute version, here is the New York Times' 6-minute excerpt of the conversation, emphasizing microcredit, evaluation, overhead costs, and the limits of generic "answers."

The audience gave us rave reviews (both of you) :

There is a superb Bloggingheads debate between Peter Singer (author of The Life You Can Save) and Bill Easterly (author of I Hate Puppies and Christmas The White Man’s Burden). (Chris Blattman, what a card)

Peter Singer and Bill Easterly on Bloggingheads.TV (Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution, "assorted link". OK this is not really a review but at least we made it into one of the hundreds of links Tyler chooses.)

I sense a juggernaut slowly (VERY slowly) building up toward that day when we demand results of our NGOs, of our official aid agencies, of our favorite celebrities, until we will all be able to join hands and say "Accountable at Last! Accountable at Last! Accountable at Last!"