Live Tweeting from Our "Best and Worst of Aid" Conference

  1. indabamf Excitedly listening to opening session, Development Research Institute, NYU: Aid & Development Today
  2. indabamf @bill_easterly notes that lack of transparency & specialization are 2 factors that have made AID less effective than it could be
  3. indabamf There has been a upward trend to providing AID to corrupt countries
  4. altmandaniel @bill_easterly gives award for Worst of Aid to Defense/Diplomacy/Development approach of US, UK, Canada
  5. indabamf Worst of AID Oscar goes to the 3Ds approach in development: integrating development w defense and diplomacy.
  6. indabamf "Rather than face the trade-offs, deny they exist, & so disguise that developmnt is being traded off 4 defense & diplomacy" -
  7. indabamf @bill_easterly gives kudos to mobile-based tech: M-PESA @Ushahidi @FrontlineSMS in his presentation
  8. indabamf The AID Oscar for Best of AID: the Giving Well movement
  9. hotdamnation - Development conference w @bill_easterly ... No one wants your old shoes!
  10. kristentitus Best of Aid Award goes to... the new movement to give well rather than to just give.
  11. indabamf Thanks @bill_easterly & Development Research Inst, NYU for a great conference 2day. Varied perspectives. Brain sufficiently overstimulated!

Live T only from opening session, except for last. Conference (see agenda here)  finished at 2pm. Further news coming on this blog from material presented at conference by speakers Yaw Nyarko, Bill Easterly, Clare Lockhart, Isabel Guerrero, Andrew Mwenda, and Lant Pritchett.