The Development Satire Industry Reaches New Lows: Why?

I just found out about another contribution to the exploding development satire field. It's in EXTREMELY bad taste, is often disgusting, and always features  lacerating and offensive  satire  ... therefore, some of you will LOVE it. It's based around a blog called HR International (to keep our blog's PG-13 rating, I will not at this time spell out what HR stands for).  I found out about it because I am one of the 3 people that @hreliefint is now following on Twitter, along with @jeffdsachs and @talesfromthehood (the latter tipped me off).

A sample of of the HRI blog (from the small part that is printable in a family blog):

Ed and I know a thing or two about emergency coordination as we go back to the days in Aceh, where I’ve hired him to develop HRIs fishing-boat distribution strategy, a program that is currently being monitored and evaluated by HRIs M&E wing: initial findings indicate that this program will become yet another world’s best practice. The 800,000 or so USD that have remained unspent in that program will come in handy as HRI is preparing a dignified launch of the findings report in Bali, with a mass distribution component aimed at making one M&E report available to each family in Aceh and beyond.

What accounts for the explosion in development satire? Of course,  I am as guilty as anyone.  Based on random introspection, observation of a selection-biased sample of the aid industry, and unfounded guesses, the answer is obvious:  it's because of the increase in BS in development & aid. As the BS force keeps exponentially growing, there was bound to be an opposite force of protest.

We are using the only weapon that us weak people oppressed by the BS ruling elites can use: satire. As BS keeps rising, satire is going to keep exploding in revolt. A few of us (not me)  may go over the edge to the extremes of the HRI blog. So, just to be clear, you BS'ers in aid: all this bad taste is YOUR fault.