Globalization is even better than you thought: detective novels!

Today's Wall Street Journal carries an article on the international spread of best-selling detective novels, including authors from developing countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Korea, Argentina, Cuba, and Italy. This shows that globalization and development foster yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. A certain Aid Watch contributor can now feel less ashamed about revealing that he unwinds from the stress of aid criticism by reading detective novels.  I'm part of a secret circle that exchanges tips on the great detectives from all over the world with others whom you would not suspect of being crime novel fanatics. Long before Stieg Larsson, we were all reading the Great One, Henning Mankell, the master of Tartan Noir, Ian Rankin, and the Great Russian Boris Akunin (all of whom go curiously unmentioned in the WSJ article).

Why don't we broaden the circle to include the readers of this blog -- what mystery thrillers did you hide in your luggage on your last long-distance trip? What are your all time favorites? Extra points for authors from developing countries.