Why US Catholic Bishops selected NYC Archbishop as their new leader: they like his blog

This according to a Wall Street Journal article. Archbishop Dolan's blog is here. The future of social media is even brighter than I thought.

Occasionally Archbishop Dolan touches on development in his blog, like this post on a 19th century Haitian saint.  He also talks a lot about insulting stereotypes of Catholics  in the media, which maybe Aid Watch should add to its campaign against insulting stereotypes (do you want to hear the one about reversing conditional probabilities on Catholic priests?)

By the way, Your Holiness, we would welcome a guest post on Aid Watch. In return, I can give you some unsolicited PR advice on handling all that bad publicity Your Church is getting about sexual abuse of altar boys.  (If you are wondering how I know anything about PR, I have learned a lot from the stupid responses of aid agencies to aid critics.) Advance Hint: don't get defensive, don't attack the attackers, just keep expressing sorrow and regret about the abuses.