3D Action: Hillary orders US government staff to spy at UN

Thanks to Wikileaks, we have a new appreciation how seriously Clinton takes that whole 3Ds thing (Defense/ Diplomacy/ Development). We all should work together, which apparently means all work for the Defense (cum Intelligence) establishment. According to a secret July 31, 2009 cable signed by Clinton, now available thanks to Wiki the on NYT web site, she asked all US government staff at UN, even over and above her own diplomats (does that include aid staff also?) to spy on everyone else at the UN:

Important information often is available to non-State members of the Country Team whose agencies participated in the review of this National HUMINT Collection Directive...The intelligence community relies on State reporting officers for much of the biographical information collected worldwide.

they should collect things like

internet and intranet "handles," internet e-mail addresses, web site identification-URLs; {SO MUCH FOR ANONYMOUS BLOGGING AND TWITTER!}, credit card account numbers; frequent flyer account numbers;

Her country spying priorities are interesting:

3. (S/NF) Priority issues and issues outline:

A. Key Near-Term Issues 1) Darfur/Sudan (FPOL-1) 2) Afghanistan/Pakistan (FPOL-1) 3) Somalia (FPOL-1) 4) Iran (FPOL-1) 5) North Korea (FPOL-1)

Should we be grateful that nothing resembling Economic Development or Global Poverty shows up on her issue list for her spies to report on? Or sad that she is revealing the true US government lack of interest in development?

B. Key Continuing Issues 1) UN Security Council Reform (FPOL-1) 2) Iraq (FPOL-1) 3) Middle East Peace Process (FPOL-1) 4) Human Rights and War Crimes (HRWC-3) 5) UN Humanitarian and Complex Emergency Response (HREL-3) 6) Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDN-5H) 7) Terrorist Threat to UN Operations (TERR-5H) 8) Burma (FPOL-1)

Clinton has denounced Wikileaks for harming national security.

Well, Secretary Clinton, couldn't you also work in an apology for turning your staff into spies and the UN into even more of an ugly spy nest?