Aid blog popularity contest; econ heavyweights defend microcredit; threats to aid workers; no to anti-Wikileaks hysteria

Millie, our new celebrity spokesdog

Like the Blattman, we want to remind you of the aid blog popularity contest, on which voting ends tomorrow. Millie (see left) wants you to know that we are announcing this purely as a public service announcement and we would never stoop to any cheap electioneering tricks like appointing a new celebrity spokesdog. In the FT, all the academic development econ (micro) heavyweights line up in a stern defense of microcredit, despite the India troubles.

The NYT joins many others (including us) in worrying that increasing militarization of aid is increasing threats to aid workers.
Two counter-attacks against anti-Wikileaks hyteria by Gideon Rachman in FT (sorry: gated link) and David Rieff in the New Republic.