Aid Blogger Awards

Thanks to View from the Cave for running an award contest for Aid Blogs. The coveted Blogger of the Year award went to Chris Blattman. Aid Watch is defying the international community and declaring the vote fraudulent wishes to congratulate The Blattman for well deserved recognition.

Aid Watch did of course win the Best Snarky Award.

Twitterer of the year: @Owenbarder

Best series of the year: How Social Scientists Think by Texas in Africa

Best post of the year: What can development learn from evolution by Owen Barder

Best news article of the year: Foreign Aid For Scoundrels by yours truly in New York Review of Books

For other great awards and links go to the link above for View From the Cave. (I would do more of this if I was not in the middle of last minute Xmas shopping.)

It is good to see the aid blogs coming together like this. Congrats to all!

and lastly special recognition for the Gloom of the Unknown Blogger, who is writing great stuff but nobody has realized it yet.