Rulers of the Twitterverse

Foreign Policy has just released its annual Twitterati 100. Here are the economists (gee I wonder why I got a small bump in followers yesterday?)

Other Twit 100 development favorites you should be following if you are not already: @charlesjkenny, @m_clem (Michael Clemens), @viewfromthecave, @africaisacountry, @AndrewMwenda, @lpolgreen, @BinyavangaV

Some personal favorites omitted: @cblatts, @wrongingrights,@alanna_shaikh (the latter two would have helped with complaints of underrepresentation of #FPWomeratti)

But aside from everything else, let us all express profound gratitude to @FP_Magazine for the omission of @NYTimesFriedman .

UPDATE 3:30pm EDT: Speaking as a well-known feminist, happy to see this Democratic Revolt of the #FPWomeratti : an online collaboration to nominate women left out of the heavily male Twit 100.

I am particularly glad to see recognition for {if you are a female friend, insert your name here}.