In politics as in development, success is fleetingly fleeting

This blog has frequently pointed out that economic growth successes don't last -- rapid growth is fleeting. After last night's election, we are reminded that political success doesn't last either. An action in one direction is followed by an equal and opposite reaction in the other.

The situation of one party having both the Presidency and a majority in the House has been rare in the postwar era, and when it happens, it doesn't last very long.

We often point out that analysis of rapid growth "miracles" is faulty because it fails to notice that the miracles will likely disappear very soon.

Likewise, would behavior of political actors be different -- such as giving moderates in each party much more say -- if both sides fully realized that an electoral "mandate" is a very frail and short-lived creature?

Postscript: this hereby ends the Aid Watch obsession with the elections, we will resume our reguarly scheduled programming tomorrow.