Red states & Blue cities: Divided we'll endure anyway

Happy election day! Aid Watch is unable to maintain any pretense of doing its normal business in the midst of all the excitement. Please vote early and often for the candidate of your choice, as long as they passed 8th grade science.

This cool 3-D map shows the Red - Blue split in a way that captures the large Democratic vote in large urban areas. Thanks a lot, cool mapmaker, now we seem even more divided.

We now see that there are really no Blue States, there are only Blue Cities. The rural blue areas are mostly reflecting concentrations of blacks (South), Hispanics (Southwest), or native Americans (West), along with the remaining 11 rural white people voting Democratic somewhere in West Virginia. Otherwise, if you see a patch of blue, it's probably a lake.

Yet after all that, thanks to a certain Seattle-based franchise, supporters of The Coffee Party from either red or blue areas can find drinkable French Roast in just about every last rural or urban square inch of the US. Some will win and some will lose today, but both winners and losers will still enjoy the same cheap caffeine and the same Bill of Rights.


Photocredit: Alexander O'Neill via Climatico