Welcome to Week 1 of the Success Project

Our new Success Project series presents innovative research which will challenge the way you think about development. Each week, we will look at how development can happen at levels other than the nation state, focusing on neighborhoods, cities, tribes, technologies, diasporas, and networks. 

Along with original research papers, we will present interactive multimedia, data visualizations and episodes from our new Success Project podcast where we will speak to the authors behind the research.

This first week, we will look at housing affordability with Alain Bertaud through his working paper Housing Affordability: Top-Down Design and Spontaneous Order. 

In our debut podcast episode, we sit down with Alain to learn more about his research and take a look at some of the problems with government over-regulation in the housing market.

Be a part of this exciting project, and look at development  at a completely new angle.

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