Latest Research: The New Economic Case for Migration Restrictions by Michael Clemens and Lant Pritchett

Recent and prominent studies have claimed that migration restrictions could improve global economic efficiency. This ‘Epidemiological Case’ for migration restrictions suggests that migrants from poor countries transmit their low economic productivity to rich countries, like an
illness. This indirect effect of migration, if it occurs, could offset the direct economic gains of migration and reduce global prosperity overall. In this way, it is theoretically possible for restrictions on migration to make the world economy more efficient.

Photo credit:  McBeth  via Flickr

Photo credit: McBeth via Flickr

Michael Clemens and Lant Pritchett seek to assess the claims and counter claims of this New Economic Case for migration restrictions in their latest paper released as part of the DRI's Success Project. 

Michael also sat down with the DRI to discuss some of the findings in his research, and dismantle some of the prevalent myths regarding migration in our latest Success Project Podcast.

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